Employee Retention: Is it all about the Money? (Guest Blog)

By: Darren Virassammy

Perhaps, you have left a job for more money. Perhaps, you have seen others leave a job for more money. What is the number that you would need to see, to leave your current job? Arguably, for some of you reading this, you may be willing to leave for far less money, simply because you are so unhappy in your current role.   Employers may wonder, what will it take for my top performers to leave for a better salary? Effectively, how much does Money matter?

In the Gallup article Retaining Employees: How much does Money Matter?, by Brandon Rigoni and Bailey Nelson, they report the magic number is: $75,000. Allow me to explain…

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What’s Your Leadership Potential?


Fulfill Your Leadership Potential…The evolution high-performance individuals.

One of the reasons, so many organizations are struggling to keep their top talent both loyal and engaged is because of the natural evolution high-performance individuals.

People who are high performers have an innate desire for personal growth as well as professional growth.  Today’s top talent want to maximize their human potential, and here’s the most important part…this is in complete alignment with the fact that today’s workforce has a deep desire for mastery in what they do. Read more

Boomer Guide to Transparent Leadership

The Boomer Guide to Transparent Leadership.  Do you know the line between Transparency and TMI?

In British Columbia, Canada there’s a city called Burnaby where mayoral hopeful wanted to kiss public displays of affection goodbye. Sylvia Gung was running for major in the fall 2014 Mayoral elections on campaign promises of “banning behaviors that hint sex/sexuality, even including Bridal Kiss and walking hand in hand…” behavior that she said; hurt public decorum.

Do you want to guess what generation Sylvia belongs to? Here’s a clue; it certainly isn’t generation Y (Millennial)! Just to be clear, Sylvia Gung didn’t become Mayor! Why? Her campaign was based on her own preferences/beliefs, and therefore she hadn’t considered that for those who would vote her “issue” was Not theirs.  Bottom line when we don’t fully consider and understand those we serve we end up not serving them.

It appears that Boomer (and GenX’er) Bosses Need Guide to Transparent Leadership…

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Leadership, It’s all Different Except Where It’s The Same

It’s all Different Except Where It’s The Same with Millennial Leadership

It is said that the old guard don’t change their beliefs, we just have to wait for them to die.   

Many in leadership today complain about these Millennial’s “They don’t have our work ethic,” “they’re all entitled” and “they think they’re going to change the world” Read more

Dov Baron New Leadership Book Fiercely Loyal Bestseller TV

Dov Baron’s Leadership Book “Fiercely Loyal” on Bestseller TV (Video Below)

I’ve traveled a lot and seen so many great places. However, as far as cities go, so far Manhattan is, without doubt, my favorite city.  If you’ve been there you know New York City in September is always magnificent. So, when I was invited by Jeffrey Hayzlett and his team to come to NYC to be interviewed for BestSeller TV about my new book Fiercely Loyal, it wasn’t hard to say yes.

I was interviewed by Camilla Webster.  Camilla was the Forbes anchor for several years. She covered the Wall Street boom and crash, billionaires, real estate and collecting, interviewing innovative business leaders–including Christine Lagarde, Sergey Brin and T. Boone Pickens. She was the host of CEO Spotlight, Business Visionaries, CMO Network and Forbes.com Collector. Camilla has twice represented Forbes at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

In this interview about Fiercely Loyal we discus:

  • Why leader who are treating Millennials the way they treated previous generations are losing their Top Talent, and how they can turn that around.
  • Why the “open door policy” of the late 1990’s was a great idea and why failed so badly
  • Why the rules of business relationship have changed and what it means in context of keeping Top Talent Loyal Fiercely Loyal
  • Why “Purpose” has to matter more than profit if you want to create a Fiercely Loyal corporate culture
  • Why our ideas about “Transparency” are still way to shallow if you want to truly bond your people to you, and what you can do to create that bond
  • How to generate a bond between your teams that will have them operate as a unit rather than a bunch of entitled diva’s
  • How so many business leaders trained to always project a façade of impenetrable eminence, and how it is driving top talent away in droves
  • Why right now every leader has the opportunity to build trust the way its built best. 
  • Why Vulnerability may be your new best friend (I actually walk you through a powerful bonding exercise during this interview) when it comes to getting your people to become Fiercely Loyal
  • What is a “Full Monty Story”? How do you develop one? And why it is one of the most powerful ways to solidify a Fiercely Loyal Culture.

This is just some of the key points. There’s much more so grab a pen, turn of the distractions and watch.



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