Authentic Leadership requires a sense of humor

Here’s a question you may not have considered: Do you have enough of a sense of self humor to actually be a Full Monty Authentic Leader?

With the instability in the European economy, the political unrest in many places around the world and the struggling leadership at home…. it could be argued Leadership development is one of the most needed focuses of our time. Read more

Transparent Leadership

Dov Baron, expert on authentic leadership on Transparent LeadershipIn my last article, some considered me a little blasphemous when I asked:  Was Steve Jobs a Leadership Dinosaur?

In that article I spoke of the innovations and advancement Jobs had brought to our planet and I said that I admired his single-minded drive for innovation. Read more

Authentic Wealth… It’s Possible!

There were no chains around her ankles or wrists, but each morning as the alarm went off she felt like a slave going off to do what she did not want to do because she had responsibilities.

Of course, not every morning felt this bad… just the majority of them. Read more

The Real Cost of Doing Business

The Real Cost of Doing Business

Both Business Leaders and Small Business Owners alike are asking that same question.

I’ve been in business a long time, maybe longer than some of my readers have been on the planet.

In that time, as you can probably imagine, I’ve been asked many times about the cost of doing business. It seems that people want to know because they want to know if they can afford it. Read more

Steve Jobs, Leadership Dinosaur?

When Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs died, people left loving notes at every Apple store around the world. There was tremendous gratitude for the innovations and advancement Jobs had brought to our planet.

However, there was something else going on in direct response to Steve Jobs’ passing– “The Canonizing Effect.” Read more