April 11, 2017 dovbaron

The Inauguration of Americans

Hopeful tears rolled down my British and my wife’s Fijian cheeks like streams that suddenly appears across a dried up desert after an unexpected rainfall.

I know our tears were mere drops in the ocean of the collective joyous tears shed not just in the US but around the world on January 20th, 2009.

I don’t know if you’ve ever visited the desert in the springtime; where no sign of life was evident, suddenly becomes filled with breathing spectrum of existence. Within a very short time shoots sprout, flowers bloom and animals graze. What was once lifeless suddenly flourishes.

As I watched the Inauguration of Barack Obama, the 44th President of USA, I saw the shoots of faith burst through in what has been a desert of desperation. Even though it will take a while for flowers to bloom in the global political climate and the economy of the US, make no mistake, Barack Obama had inspired a stream that has awakened a spirit of greatness that had laid dormant for far too long.

Barack Obama did not and does not claim to be a wizard who can wave a magic wand and fix everything. In his Inaugural speech, he made it clear that for dreams to come true there is work needed and that part of that work is about being inclusive rather than exclusive.

Barack Obama is, as he hinted at in his speech, the manifestation of Martin Luther King Jr’s civil rights dream.

America may have been, and may still be the leader of the free world but we pray it truly becomes once again the example of what freedom means.

When I was a boy, I wanted to be American. In America, I saw a country where it was truly possible to become more than the stature of your birth place. Now as a man in his 50’s, having traveled to many places around the world, gotten some level of understanding that “our way” is not “the way“.

I have seen many political leaders from many different nations say one thing and do another. My belief in the inherent beauty in people has grown and sadly so has my cynical view about the words of politicians.

However, as Barack Obama was sworn in, I heard the whisper of my boyhood dream awaken. The dream that made me want to be a ‘yank’ because America can become the land of the free and the brave…again. As strange as it might have seemed to some, I always seemed and felt more American than British. That was a day where I can embrace with pride the American part of my heart.

Like this nation of the United States of America, I personally know what it feels like to be beaten down, I know what it feels like to feel defeated, I also know how much in those times I needed something to believe in.

Watching the crowd of millions cheer, I prayed that Barack Obama can steer the faith of the American people to once again believe in…

“a government of the people for the people”.

I wish you, Americans and by that I do not just mean people born in the US, I mean those who believe in real freedom, the courage to hold true to what it means to live a life where your heart, your mind, your words, and your actions are integral to the spirit of who you really are.

I believe that today could possibly be the inauguration of the American people themselves…



With gratitude,

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Comments (25)

  1. chad

    Today as I watched, I forgot that I was a Canadian and got caught up in the vision casting 🙂

    It will definitely require hard work, but more importantly it requires a change of heart and mind, getting back to what is true and right. Fear is the enemy that destroys and when you give up hope, you have nothing…

    He spoke to me about how each of us and our God-given purpose affects the planet! It’s so easy to just focus on our own little world and let our ego-mind control our actions…

    I am definitely looking forward to a new, brighter future!

    chad the rad dad :^)

  2. Stephen

    Finally the USA and the rest of the world have an American president that inspires confidence with his sense of vision.

  3. Jim Hallett

    I am happy that so many people are feeling euphoria, hope and gratitude as a result of today’s inauguration of Barack Obama. After all, feeling good is a desirable goal for all of us. It is a good day for the idea of America, in that we can elect a black President 40 years after assassinating a leader of the civil rights movement, and one with a middle name of Hussein within 7 years of 9/11. However, it is important and VITAL to understand what that GREAT IDEA is at its root . . . LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. Since the primary tools of government involve coercion, and most of Obama’s appointments come from those already entrenched in the institutions that wield coercion, I would not expect any real change to happen in Washington . . . but then real change never does originate there. It comes from within each individual, and so it is incumbent on each of us – American or world citizen – to BE the kind of individual we want to see in the world – personally responsible, compassionate, generous, peaceful, and committed to preserving LIBERTY for everyone. That does not mean looking to the government for a solution (especially one that entails stealing money from other citizens to enforce!).

    The collective consciousness of the world created the financial mess, and each person needs to take responsibility for being part of the solution . . . and stop all the blaming George Bush or whomever . . . for what we have in the world. The same is true for Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, etc.

    Yes, it is fine to celebrate today’s inauguration, and it does not matter what candidate one supported, but REAL CHANGE always begins WITHIN each individual and then moves up to the collective consciousness. To the degree that liberty flourishes throughout the world, I will be happily expecting progress . . . but I do think many of those embracing today’s event are just looking for some personal agenda of theirs to be be foisted on the country . . . and THAT is NOT liberty. Let’s support Obama and all those who make important decisions . . . that they will be guided by wisdom, and that their hearts will be full of peace and compassion. We must transcend the labeling, the blame game, and the contentiousness if we want to experience real change in our world. As Gandhi so eloquently said, “We must BE the change we want to see in the world.”

  4. Doug

    Yes Dov,

    I have to agree with you that Barack is Our Hope and I mean for the world when I say Our, beam of Hope. (and I know your definition of Hope). It seems that his heart is in the right place, although he is still a politician, and will have to deal with the manipulative politicaly system here in the US. A political system that has enslaved the American people and also the world by allowing an Illegal and corrupt Banking System lead by the Federal Reserve to distributing Counterfeit Fiat Currency (a Debt Instrument). It looks as thought they are on their last breath.

    So if Barack can bring awareness to the American People and the world along with a vision on honesty, integrity and an absolute vision of peace, properity and love throughout our planet we can achieve that world that we have always believed was our birthright.

    People have always believed in the Vision of America, the Sovernity, the freedom and the vision to live an abundant and joyful, loving life. That Right is a Rigth of every single being in the entire world and Universe…not just Americans but everyone. That is the Dream and The Vision the Forefathers of this Country envisioned for America and the World…we got off track, The NEW Vision is for Every being to have this Life that God Intended. Our Consciousness is what will create this. When our leadership in this world has this vision we will get there much faster.

    If we could only realise that we are all ONE, One Race One Being, Human Beings, all brothers and sisters and here to give and recieve Love. Win-WIn for all people of this planet and I LOVE You ALL


  5. Dov,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am first a child of God but I have always held a great sense of gratitude for having been born in The United States of America. I must admit that over the past decade my prayers for the “United” to be restored to The United States never ceased. Today I felt such an overwhelming sense of relief to witness a newly elected official stand up for “Peace”
    Let Peace begin with me so that I may be that extension into the world that I create.
    Peace, Love and Joy.

  6. Michele

    I share your sentiments. Today is a great day for Americans and the world. A shift has happened, and I am so appreciative for this change in the script of our history, and the joy it brings around the world. Yep, today is one fine day.

  7. Kevin

    Today was not a good day for america. The saddest moment was when Obama took the oath and he couldn’t even get that right. Obama is a fraud who will be overwhelmed by the problems he faces.

    President Bush was a President I felt secure in knowing I wenttobedwitha man who truly loved his country anddidn’t change his opinion based on POLL results. Someof you younger people need to get some life experience and I guarentee in 6 monthsyou will wish Obama was gone. God can’t you people open your eyes and ask your own questions without mouthing empty platitudes.

  8. Anna Janek


    I wish I’m hopefull like you are and the people who left comments before me.
    What America made great was, small government, personal responsibility, free market, freedom. All this we are lacking for decades. The founders write in the Constitution non intervention foreign policy, sound money…What we have? Privetely own Federal Reserve, military all over this world, until those 2 issue are not addressed we won’t have what the president is promising and all of you people will be disapointed. The Federal Reserve with the help of the government made this mess we are in and they are pouring gas on fire with all those bail outs, that is not a solution.

  9. Lisa

    Thank you, Dov, for putting into words what so many of us were experiencing today. You are right: Barack Obama’s existence and inauguration as President of the Unites States of America is indeed the result of many years of manifestation – through the hopes, prayers and heartfelt wishes of the people.
    It is a magical day. I too cried tears of joy and of gratitude watching the inauguration and the moment when Mr. Obama and his beautiful wife, Michelle dance the first waltz at the neighbourhood ball – what a wonderful moment – for them, for the American people, but most of all, for all of those who experience oppression of any kind.
    Today was a liberation, in so many aspects.
    Having been born in apartheid South Africa and being overwhelmed by the atrocities of apartheid, today was similar to the day when Nelson Mandela was liberated and then became President of South Africa.
    I am grateful too because people like you and Renuka have manifested what took place today. This is evidence of the power of intention:)

  10. Michael - Portland

    What an electrifying (and truly presidential) address we heard today. Dov, did you by chance consult Obama in his speech?;-)))))

    I love this (paraphrased) quote:

    “(they)…who question the scale of our ambitions…have forgotten…what free men and women can achieve when imagination is joined to common purpose.”

    What great words: ambition, achieve, imagination, common purpose.

    My eyes are welling with tears from the deep deep sense of gratitude for Barack Obama’s election to office.

    Now, let’s get to work!

    Peace and prosperity!


  11. Dov Baron

    Thanks to everyone for all your great comments. I do realize that not everyone is inspired by Barack Obama or the fact that he is now president and I respect that. I never asked anyone to agree with me, I just ask you to think and that means beyond the ways and constraints of our limited belief systems.

    If you’ll notice my post states that after many years of studying the political scene and have become a cynic. I am inspired by the the coming together of a country, I country that I do believe has greatness, with a very high percentage of common vision. Each one of us can make a difference, however joined together we can make a bigger difference and we can do it even faster.

    Isn’t it time for us to find a way to put our differences to the side and become focused on the bigger issues? Issues that a not about race, party or ideology?

    The truth is that there may indeed be too many people who see Obama as the political saviour and from my perspective that is always dangerous, (for them and him).

    The job ahead for Obama, the US and the world will not be an easy one. It seems to me that we have to become focused on how to come together, rather than who is right and who is wrong.

  12. sisongb2

    Positive thoughts, positive results.
    We elected a person who had similarly expressed beliefs.
    This has happened before and there might be time for it to happen again, thet’s still up in the air at this time.
    The first few steps have been taken and now is the time to continue our work of believing, for it was our belief that it was posible that created this and it is now up to us to continue to support this wave with our continued belief that the future is ours to continue to create with the figure head as our instrument and lightning rod.
    If we go back to our lives as we had before and and let go of the meditations and belief systems that brought us this far and allow the figure head to go it alone we may very well see another failure but we can not blame the figure head we must put the blame where it belongs… SQUARELY ON OUR HEADS.

  13. Raul

    Yes, I agreed with your comments. We have a leader that appears inspired in the principles you talk about so eloquently, but he can not do it by himself. The transformation he talks abouts requires that you, I and everyone be willing to accept full responsibility for our creations. Obama described his dream for this country and the world, but without the realization of our personal dreams, his desires will not come to fruition. Let’s (all of us) allow the manifestation of a world of peace, happiness, abundance, and the embracing of all beings as one.

  14. Robert

    Well, Dov, Happy New Year!!!

    I truly hope that you are correct, that the United States of America has experienced “Change” and that new greatness awaits this country, and through it the world.

    As a part-time student of history, I try to remind people that a great 20-century politician promised change when his country was ravaged by economic difficulty. In 1933, the Germans elected Adolf Hitler into power, and wow, look at the change.

    During the election, I heard wild accusations, etc. about the new president. But, I did not hear any concrete plan about what he was going to do. To be honest, I believe that any of his plans are now supplemented by the world economic crisis.

    So, instead of whatever his plans are; I implore each and every one of you reading this to accept personal responsibility. Personal responsibility for your life, for your finances, for your health, for your relationships, for you. Stop asking the government to save you. In the great country of the United States, the government has shown that it is the worse remedy for almost every problem, especially the personal challenges of its citizenry. Stop asking the government for money to solve your favorite pet project. If it is that important, raise the money yourself. Stop asking for new laws to control the minds, bodies, and pocketbooks of your fellow citizens. If it is that important, convince them yourself. Just stop asking the government for everything, because, in most cases, the government is not the best and the brightest and…

    “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

    The original quote was, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” By John Emerich Edward Dalbery Acton in 1887

    Let us all have a prosperous, joyous, and healthy 2009!

  15. Dov Baron

    I received an email today regarding the web-cast I was part of to raise money for survivors of an earthquake in Costa Rica.

    The email was very short and asked what have I done for Gaza?

    My response is equally short: What have you done?

    Times have changed and so has the world we live in, let’s stop waiting for someone else to do something and take personal responsibility for the change we want to see(More on that in my next post).

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  17. Mike

    Dov, I agree we must put aside differences, but not to let any bloggers with unhelpful comments go without some sort of feedback for their own benefit.

    Kevin, as an eligible member of the younger crowd and someone who respects first amendment rights as being a fundamental value in a healthy democracy, I respect your opinion that Obama was not your first choice for president and your right to express it in a public setting. But this is a place for constructive dialogue. Rather than lambasting the youth for their inexperience and “empty platitudes,” I suggest for the benefit of everyone you be constructive and make a case for your opinion. Obama inspired a generation of young adults to realize their self worth and ability to make a difference. To that end, while the youth vote helped the tally on election night, Obama pulled a significant number more of non-youth voters than youth into his circle.

    If you’re suggesting that “yes we can”- the most common remark of the campaign-was empty, let me share something with you: yes we “did.” Common vision and drive can do amazing things.

    Further, as someone who subscribes to this blog, I believe you to be someone with an open mind and desire to do the right thing. So I will ask you to reserve judgment and ponder the following below. If afterwards you decide you disagree, that is fine. That will show me at least you took the time and are reasonable.

    Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution requires the oath of office be recited exactly as it is written in its body. The presiding justice provides the oath and the president-elect is supposed follow in lockstep with the justice as he or she says “repeat after me”.

    When you go back and listen to the audio, you will hear Justice Roberts incorrectly place the word “faithfully” at the end of the second deliverable, rather than in the middle where it belongs as provided here: “that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States”. If it is not clear enough for you to hear, it has been comprehensively documented and commented on in all types of publication conservative, liberal and other.

    I would argue that as Obama began to recite his part, he hesitated because he knew the justice made a mistake. He did not forget the line. As he paused, you will hear Justice Roberts correcting the verbiage by placing the word faithfully in its proper place. As an open minded person you might then wonder, “if Obama paused and was then given the correct version, why did he decide to recite the oath incorrectly exactly as Roberts had given the oath to him the first time?”

    Kevin, isn’t it even remotely possible that Obama did not want to embarrass Roberts in front of the world for his mistake? Wouldn’t you argue that under intense pressure like that, that Obama did the right thing?

    If that is the case, your “saddest moment” you refer to may very well have been one of the most shining moments that day.

    Sincere regards,


  18. Anonymous

    I wonder , after a little over one year, how many of you feel the same way? Just wondering.

    • Dear Becca,
      As I stated in this article, Being happy that the evolution of the American psyche had come so far as to elect a black man into the “white” house is in no way a statement that President Obama was going to be the perfect leader many had hoped for. There is still need for much change and most of that change (I believe) must be in the mentality of the American people, in their claiming back a sense of personal power and accountability.

      With gratitude, Dov…

      • Becca

        Dov, I agree with your answer to my post. However, my question still stands. How many of the ones who posted to your first post have a change of heart and how do they think things could be better? Just looking to get feedback. I know each one of us need to be more involved in our country. We all have ideas and I was wanting to know what some of them were. Thanks for your ideas… 🙂

  19. becca9

    I wonder , after a little over one year, how many of you feel the same way? Just wondering.

    • Dear Becca, As I stated in this article, Being happy that the evolution of the American psyche had come so far as to elect a black man into the “white” house is in no way a statement that President Obama was going to be the perfect leader many had hoped for. There is still need for much change and most of that change (I believe) must be in the mentality of the American people, in their claiming back a sense of personal power and accountability.With gratitude, Dov…

      • Becca

        Dov, I agree with your answer to my post. However, my question still stands. How many of the ones who posted to your first post have a change of heart and how do they think things could be better? Just looking to get feedback. I know each one of us need to be more involved in our country. We all have ideas and I was wanting to know what some of them were. Thanks for your ideas… 🙂

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The Top 3 Reasons “Leaders” are losing their Star Players!

The Top 3 Reasons
“Leaders” are losing their Star Players!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that the recession has aggravated what already was a deteriorating relationship between employers and their employees. While things weren’t rosy before, now everyone knows someone (or has experienced it themselves!) who has been caught in layoffs, buyouts, downsizing, capsizing, and reductions in benefits, not to mention freezes on new hires, pay raises, and promotions.

And you also know the result: People are willing to abandon companies like the proverbial rats on a sinking ship because no one feels safe!

The reason isn’t rocket science. If you even suspect that the ship you are on could go down and something else comes along, there’s a good chance you’d jump ship too. Think about it.  The fear doesn’t have to be based on facts; a nasty corrosive rumour can have people racing toward the exits just as easily.

A Wharton School of Business article says that most companies can expect to lose anywhere between 20 and 50 percent of their employees in any given year. Few things are more disruptive and costly to your business than an unexpected exodus from your talent pool.

If you want loyalty, you must focus on culture over rhetoric!  Regardless of position, title, or even office size, employees who volitional walk away, generally do so because they perceive some type of disconnect with leadership and/or the values of the company. (This is best reflected in the corporate culture)

It’s no surprise to any of us, but employee loyalty is not what it used to be. In a recent survey of employee benefits, trends, and attitudes, MetLife found that employee loyalty is at a seven-year low.

So what are the Top 3 Reasons “Leaders” lose their Star Players?

Leaders must learn how to deal with conflict.

Be honest, I mean really honest. Are you comfortable with conflict?  By that I don’t mean that you are aggressively looking for some form of fight, but when conflict comes up, can you confront it with compassion and empathy? Do have the skills to resolve the issues?

If not, you can be certain that your team’s morale is going to tank faster than a preschooler who needs a nap because conflict is the nature of relationship.

You’ve got to understand that crappy moral is contagious!  Problems that don’t get addressed, be they feuds between departments (silos), interpersonal quarrels, or performance issues all negatively impact employee enthusiasm, motivation, and ultimately loyalty.

Before we go any further, I want to set something straight…small problems do not go away. Small problems that are ignored develop into resentment, and will develop into bigger problems. (Don’t believe me? Ask the person you live with…Go on, I dare you.)

A leader who does not–or cannot–deal with conflict will immediately start to lose the trust and respect of her/his employees. And you and I both know that you can’t lead without trust and respect.

That being said, a leader who is a master of conflict resolution knows that healthy conflict creates a deepening bond. (Again, if you don’t believe me, ask the person you live with if, after you have actually stopped avoiding the conflict and got it all out on the table, they inevitably feel closer to you.)

Leaders must become masterful at dealing with generational diversity.

Generational bias has always been an issue, however, now more than ever in a global economy, it can be a crippling one.  As a discerning leader, I am going to ask you an important question. Do you believe that a Baby Boomer (people born between 1946 and 1964), Generation Xer (people born between mid 1960s to the early 1980s), Millennial (people born between 1982 and 2000) are all treated equally in the climb to the top?

Here’s an example from way back in the last century. I can remember when I first started speaking to individuals and organizations of influence back in the 80s. At that time, I came across research that said it took a rookie over 100 hours to learn the skills to become a fighter pilot.

It was estimated that that same level of training could be completed to competence in around 20 hours by a GenXer because of their much higher exposure to technology. Then came the Millennials. These latest members of the work force have grown up with even more electronic interface than the generation X group, and as a result their TQ (technical intelligence) far exceeds those of the last two generations.

The challenge can be that as a leader you are likely to be either a Boomer or an Xer, have likely climbed through the ranks and invested a considerable amount of time in getting where you are today. Now you are likely to find yourself leading Millennials, while having an empathetic bias towards your own generation.

You see, part of the challenge is that we often (even unconsciously) use the time we’ve put in, rather than effectiveness, as a standard of measure. Furthermore, even if we are measuring the effectiveness of our top players, our leaders, it’s important that we examine whether our criteria for measurement may also be outdated.

The challenge is that if the criteria by which we measure authentic leadership remain the same as it was for old school leadership, we won’t be able to recognise the value that is in front of us.


Leaders must learn how to lead in new ways.

The most important of the Top 3 Reasons “Leaders” are losing their Star Players is because of Inauthentic Leadership!

There was a time when a leader could lead through image, reputation, experience, force or any combination thereof…However, hold on to your seats. Ladies and Gentlemen, because that train has already left the station!

Today, if you want to keep your star players, you had better find out who they are, what they care about, what “really” motivates them, and how they want to be rewarded for great work. (Check out my special report called: The Full Monty Fierce Loyalty Generator https://FMLoyalty.com)

What this means is that if you want to generate fierce loyalty in your team (and ultimately in your customer and supplier base,) you have to show up and let them see you…warts and all.

I realize that this flies in the face of what you originally learned about being a leader and elevating yourself away from your “underlings.” Although that might have worked at some point in time, that outdated model will have your Star Players deserting you and your company so fast it will make your head spin!

Of course, there are far more than three reasons Leaders are losing their Star Players. I have just focused on the top three so that you can begin incorporating change right away.

In summary, if you want to keep your Star Players you must become a master of dealing with conflict in a healthy way. You will also need to seek to understand the other generations you are working with, remembering they likely have different values and priorities than you). And finally, you must be willing to let your people in, let them see that you are more than your title, or even your experience. Let them see you as a person!

Despite what you’ve been told, the truth is that Vulnerability is Power in the new global economy!


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Business Growth What’s Your Business Doing?
I need to ask you an important question. What’s your business doing?  Is it growing, staying about the same or losing ground?  Now let’s be brutally honest—and I suspect if you are like most business owners, you may be tempted to deny this–but if your business isn’t growing, it’s dying!

Now that you’ve caught your breath, let’s get clear about what I mean by growing. Growing in this context is NOT about experiencing 1%-3% growthdue to the fact that you laid off a bunch of people or radically cut cost and potentially the quality of what you do/produce. That’s not growing. That’s slowing the dying process.

Real growth is more than temporarily increasing the profit margin. If we are going to talk growth in business, one of the key areas we have to discuss is the quality of the leadership.

It could be argued that leadership is the most important quality for any business professional to have. With quality leadership, nearly any and every task can be accomplished.  Think about a leader you have known in the past.  This could be a boss, a teacher, a pastor, a congressman. Did this person inspire you? Did they make you angry, or did they not affect you at all?

If you said they didn’t affect you, you’d be wrong. Despite what you may believe, there is a powerful and somewhat destructive impact of having leaders who don’t inspire us.  And the main reason leaders don’t inspire is because they are disengaged.

We know from a 2011 Gallup Poll that 71% of American workers are “not engaged” or are “actively disengaged” in their work. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just the worker bees who are disengaged. Many top level C-suite executives are just as disengaged.  These leaders close their office doors and distance themselves from the group they are supposed to be leading.

Obviously, this sort of leadership is not the kind you desire in your organization.  But I hate to break it to you, but there’s a very good chance that you have leaders like that in your own organization. These “leaders” have positions of authority and you may even be assuming that they are leading in the direction of growth. However, where they are really leading is in the direction of keeping their position, title, status and or lifestyle. They are not mission, purpose or growth driven. They are not actively engaged in the corporate value system. They are, however, tremendously engaged in increasing their own personal bottom lines.

They are disengaged leaders!

Now you may still want to argue that it’s not the leadership that is the problem with lack of growth in your company, but with employees who don’t care.

Let me let you in on a dirty little secret. Employees disengage for one of three reasons:

  1. 1. They are being led by a disengaged leader.
  2. 2. They are at odds with the organization’s mission/purpose and or values.
  3. 3. They are a bad fit for your corporate culture. (Assuming your company actually has a corporate culture that’s more than a concept.)

Here’s the hard line truth behind all three of these reasons: employees disengage because leaders are disengaged at some level and therefore not authentically leading!

Let’s take a closer look at those three reasons.

First, if employees have a disengaged leader, you can pretty much guarantee they will become lazy themselves.  This is not necessarily because employees are inherently lazy, but rather, because employees (like children) do not do what they are told; they simply model the behaviour of their superiors.  If the leader doesn’t care about the growth of the company, neither will the employees.

When a team is led by a disengaged leader, there’s a good chance that team members will simply just do what they have to do in order to meet their job description, and not do anything to grow themselves or your organization.

Second, when employees are at odds with the organization’s mission/purpose and or values this again indicates poor leadership, because your leaders need to be crystal clear that every person who enters your employ fully understands the organization’s mission/purpose and or values. This is not possible if the leaders themselves do not understand it.

Let me give you an example. In 2006 a multinational company brought us to Europe to work with their leadership team. This was a dramatically impactful training that clearly rattled a lot of cages. Instead of my just coming in and doing the usual rah-rah, look how great you folks are, now let’s just pat each other on the back, I challenged the heck out of them.

Why did I do this? In my pre-interview with the individuals on the team, it became obvious that they were relationally disconnected from each other. This told me they were likely disconnected from the company as a whole and were therefore in all likelihood working in a silo mentality.

After a lengthy discussion with the global CEO about the need to break these silos and get the team to genuinely not only connect but bond, we went back into session.

I began by asking a single pointed question that they were required to answer out loud in fort of their peers and without the assistance of their peers. This simple question clearly caused the blood pressure of the CEO to rise. The question was:  “Would you please state out loud the mission statement of this company?” Each answer clearly demonstrated a challenge at the core of the company because no one (with exception of the Global CEO) actually knew the answer.

No wonder they were disengaged. You cannot expect your team to be fully engaged in the growth of a company when their only connection is a paycheck. Everyone in your organization must be aligned with the mission, purpose and vision of the company if it is to experience true growth.

Finally, if an employee is a bad fit for your culture, this again falls on leadership.  If the corporate culture isn’t lived by the leaders, it indicates to employees that the culture doesn’t matter and therefore it doesn’t matter if a person fits or not.  In a “momentum culture” there is congruence at every level from janitor to the C-suite.

It all comes down to this… For your company to grow you have to have all the obvious things like a rock-solid business plan, great procedural implementation and everything else we all know is the back bone of a business. However, for growth to have momentum, it must have legs. The three legs on which your company must be built in order to continue to grow are authentic, inspiring, and transparent leadership.  In other words, A Full Monty Leader.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. The Full Monty Leader is not a rah-rah leader.  Absolutely not!  A Full Monty Leader will occasionally anger their team, not because they are being adversarial but rather because a Full Monty Leader is required to hold a greater vision of each of the individuals of the team than the members hold for themselves. Only then can team members begin to adopt the vision for themselves. This is an essential principle that will deeply inspire the people who are in your organization for more than a paycheck.

Full Monty Leadership is about developing a culture of authentic, engaged leaders at every level of your organization.  Leaders who feel deeply emotionally connected to the mission purpose and values of the company.

When you have that kind of leadership, you not only generate fierce loyalty but develop a company that is actively growing.

So let me ask you again– What’s Your Business Doing?

For opportunities to have Dõv Baron speak for your organization, Call:

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Transparency THE Key to Successful Leadership
I have a question for you. What is the single most important key to successful leadership in today’s economy?

If you answered anything except being an authentic leader, you’d be wrong.

Being an authentic leader today is no longer a preference or an option. It is crucial!

Now let me be clear.  We are not talking about the idea of being authentic. We aren’t talking about the faux authenticity of sharing something that you think will impress someone.  No, we are talking about being real and genuine, being true to who you are and what you stand for.

An authentic leader is willing to embrace that they will not be everyone’s cup of tea, and what’s more, they are good with that realization. The leaders who are blazing the trail of new leadership are dedicated to developing deeper and deeper authenticity not only in themselves, their teams, but also in all their relationships on an ongoing basis.

They are willing to be who they really are.

Authentic leaders are dedicated to knowing themselves at deeper and deeper levels.  They embrace their own imperfections and they don’t pretend to have it all together.  They are transparent and they are honest about their imperfections, their inadequacies and the challenges they face. Where the old school leader would disown their failures or weaknesses, the authentic leader allows those things to propel them forward, because they understand thatVulnerability is Power.

As counter as it may seem to your original training as a leader, you need to know this at the depth of your being, so let me say it again:  Vulnerability is Power. Vulnerability is the power that will bond your star players to you and your organization. It will also bond your customers and providers to you with fierce loyalty.

I know what some of you are thinking. If you look and act confident that should be enough.  Let me tell you, if you think wearing your mask of confidence is going to work, you are dreaming! People can smell a fake a mile away.  That mask is screaming your insecurities so you might as well hang it up and become transparent.

So what is transparency?

Yes, transparency is about admitting your imperfections, your inadequacies and your challenges. However, it’s also about sharing your values, your mission, your vision and the meaning of why you do what you do. Transparency means opening up and sharing ideas, thoughts, goals, aspirations, values, worries, concerns and even downfalls.

Today’s workplace places high demands on both leaders and employees.More and more employees are now insisting on clearly stated reality and truth.  Apart from the need of a secure job and opportunities for career advancement, present workers desire to be part of a firm that prioritizes truth, trust and transparency. They desire to have proactive leaders who share with them the direction of the organization and are forthright about the future. They want transparency in order to plan for their lives.

Instead of just being content with having a job, today’s employee will often quickly jump ship if the leader they are supposed to follow is unwilling to demonstrate clarity of the future and transparent leadership.  (I go into detail about this in my special report on Becoming a Fierce Loyalty Generator. You can find it here: https://FMLoyalty.com)

Because many companies lack awareness regarding the needs of employees, they struggle to hold on to their star players. As stated in that special report–few things are more disruptive and costly to your business than an unexpected exodus from your talent pool. Despite the initial discomfort of removing the mask, in organizations where transparent, authentic leadership is made a priority, massive losses are prevented.

None of us can be authentic unless we are willing to admit our frustrations, insecurities and weaknesses. This is not to suggest that you should sit around moaning, complaining and whining about your problems—that would be a very poor career move.  However, in both our personal and professional lives, it is crucial that we open ourselves up to a close circle of people we can trust.

All that being said, transparent leadership starts with something few leaders have the cojones to do:  self-examination.

As leaders we can get carried away with knowing all the answers foreverything else outside ourselves and rarely do we take the time to know more about what’s inside ourselves.  In addition, all of us have a spot of denial about our own foibles.

Let’s face it, denial is far easier than facing the harsh truth that we may have some dysfunctional behaviors that we need to deal with. But if we are to become an authentic leader, we need to take off the self viewing rose-colored glasses, increase our self-awareness and uncover our blind spots. In short, you need to know your strengths so that you can capitalize on them. At the same time, you need to know your weaknesses so that you can delegate and deal with them.

Being an authentic leader means having an awareness of the true emotions behind what you feel. In Full Monty Leadership we say, “We are never just mad about what we are mad about.” What this means is your anger may be a cover up, a way to mask your disappointment, fear, shame, jealousy, embarrassment, shame or guilt.  Because authentic leaders are will to always go deeper into self-examination, they can recognize the root of an emotional reaction, and by doing so, gain the power to manage it. (This gives the Full Monty Leader exceptional relationship skills)

Can you honestly (not rhetorically) say why you do what you do in your position? Do you know what irritates you and what soothes you? Are you aware of your own dark side (we all have one) and how to deal with it? In order to be authentic and genuine in all your communications you must know yourself very well and be committed to remaining truly authentic even when it’s uncomfortable.

Because nothing generates fierce loyalty faster that an authentic leader.

Do you have the cojones to become one?

For opportunities to have Dõv Baron speak for your organization, Call:

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Our story

Dõv Baron

Dõv Baron
Leading Expert

Meet Dõv Baron

Dov Baron has been speaking internationally for over 30 years, he’s the man with a finger on the pulse of the evolving world of NextGen leadership. Twice cited as one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers to hire, also cited in the Meeting and Event Professionals Guide to The Top 100 Motivational Speakers and Named as one of the Top 30 Global Leadership Guru’s.

Dov Baron is a master storyteller, who has had the honour of presenting for US Air Force, The Servant Leadership Institute, The World Business Conference in Tehran as well as speaking for the State Department, and The United Nations on Leadership. He is considered by many as the leading authority on Authentic Leadership, and the founder of Full Monty Leadership and The Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership. Outside of his speaking and training Dov privately works with multi-disciplinary leaders and executive teams to build the bonds that create organizational cultures that become Fiercely Loyal.

Dov is a bestselling author of several books. His latest book is Fiercely Loyal; How High Performing Companies Develop and Retain Top Talent. He is the host of the national (US) TV show “Pursuing Deep Greatness with Dov Baron” on ROKU TV, and the host of the Number One Podcast for Fortune 500 Listeners (globally) “Dov Baron’s Leadership and Loyalty Show” on iTunes and is carried on FM & AM Radio Stations across the US. He also writes for and has been featured in many industry magazines including being featured on CNN, CBS Small Business Pulse, SHRM, Yahoo Finance, Boston Globe, Business in Vancouver, USA today, CEO, Entrepreneur and many more.


Dov has also been an independent leadership advisor to the United Nations (UN).

Dõv’s international Leadership & Loyalty podcast is ranked the number one podcast for Fortune 500 Executives globally.Inc.com also names his podcast as: The #1 podcast To Make You a Better Leader, G&A also cited his show in the Top 10 Podcasts For HR Pros & Managers.

Life-Changing Story:

In June 1990, while free rock climbing, Dov Baron fell approximately 120 feet and landed on his face. The impact shattered most of the bone structure of his face, disintegrating some of his upper jaw and fracturing his lower jaw in four places. After nine reconstructive surgeries, no external evidence remains of the damage; however, this experience was life-changing.

Before the fall, Dov had spent years building a reputation as a dynamic speaker and teacher in the field of personal and professional development, but it wasn’t until years after the fall that he began to see the beauty and elegance of what had really happened – the return to his own CORE –what he calls his ‘Authentic Self’.


Today, Dov has been sharing his wisdom and expertise privately and on international stages with professional leaders for more than 30 years. Dov’s influence has created a massive social media platform with over 200,000 followers via Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Podomatic, iTunes etc.

He has interviewed and worked with leaders featured on: Oprah, Ellen, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBS, Huffington Post, Larry King, New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and many other top rated media.

Dov’s “KIllTheKeynote” campaign to change the speaking industry went viral to over 5 million people on social media. He is now speaking for some of Europe’s wealthiest families at Scone Palace, Next-Gen leaders with UnleashWD and the Legacy Show, and top American c-suite leaders for The #CSuite Network.

In addition to being an author and a radio host, Dov is also the leading expert on Developing Authentic Leadership and he is the world’s only Corporate Cultural Momentum Strategist, serving top performance individuals, corporations and organizations to generate both exponential growth and fierce loyalty.

His passion mixed with humour and ‘get to the point’ no BS style are contagious. Within moments, you will feel a genuine connection with a man who authentically walks his talk. Dov believes that the world needs more leaders who are Authentically committed to living their purpose, standing in their truth, sharing their inner genius, and empowering others to do the same.

Dov’s commitment is to take you by the hand and show you why tapping into your Authentic Self is the MOST important key to finding, developing, and retaining your top talent.

To engage Dov Baron for media  interviews, speaking  at your events, or consulting at your organization, please write to…

or call +1-778-379-7517.



Leaders today are living in what is arguably the most disruptive time since the beginning of the industrial revolution. The leaders that emerge at the top of their game will be the ones who not only adapt but disrupt the very industries they wish to lead. However, disruption for the sake of disruption is a waste of time, effort and resources and downright damaging! 

According to the research of Richard Foster, Yale University:

“The average life span of a company listed on the S&P 500 has decreased from 67 years (without disruption) in the 1920’s to 15 years today”.

Looking forward, the questions we must boldly face today are: 

  • Do you as a leader know how to tap into the single most important factor that will determine whether your organization stays at the top of their game or fade off into irrelevance?
  • Do you and your organization know what will be the differentiating principles of those that will not only reach the top but also stay there? 
  • Do you know what the number one determining factor of loyalty in both today’s highly skilled workforce and customer base is?

In this presentation Dov Baron will share with you:

  • How you can precisely discover what it takes to tap into the psychological motivations and drivers of your most talented team members and your best customers.
  • You’ll discover why so many leaders fail to follow through on their decisions.
  • You will discover how to precisely how to have them take dynamic action right away.  
  • Discover why working more diligently on your technical skills could put you out of business.
  • Discover what’s transforming current business leaders in the new global market place

This is an exciting and innovative presentation designed for those who are committed to being true industry leaders who thrive in this and the next generation of business and leadership!


The Alchemy Of Turning Leadership Deficits Into Gold (Perfect For Multi-Generational Family Business)

Simply being born into a position of authority no longer guarantees that people will willingly follow you (if it ever did!) Today there is a deep-rooted and ever-growing dissatisfaction with leaders who appear to be entitled and who act self-serving. While no one can change the circumstances of family roots, it is possible and necessary to evolve the culture into a new model of leadership. A model that not only stewards the family legacy, but also integrates it into the necessities of being a contemporary leader. Leadership that include being grounded, empathetic, compassionate, passionate, purpose driven and sincerely authentic.

Such an evolution is no longer just an option. Business today exists within a global realm and requires a new kind of greatness that both embraces and fully utilizes that global aspect. But how do leaders find, embrace, and develop that greatness so that they can become the eminent business “monarchs” the world needs?

In this interactive presentation Dov walks each of the participants through the internal journey of “From Knight to King” that demonstrates the integration of authentic leadership by giving penetrating insight into the four types of knights who are on the path to becoming king (or queen). Each of the knights demonstrates an aspect of a leader that can become dominant and overpowering. The key to effective leadership evolution is to recognize and integrate each of these Knights into the King (or queen).

Here is an overview of the elements required to become a monarch:

In this training Dov Baron takes apart the structure of knighthood and lays it out in a contemporize understanding of leadership.

Everyone who has elevated to the position of leader has in some way shown some natural ability to lead. Nevertheless, we tend to lead in the way that is most familiar, or natural to us. However, we find that those who rise to the top are those who have the ability to grow outside of their natural bound by collecting and coalescing all of the leadership archetypes skills and uses them when and where its most appropriate.  

Below are the four primary leadership archetypes you will need to become a monarch:

  • The Power of the Red Knight:The Red Knight is a leader who symbolizes passion and drive. A lead that has the ability to move things forward and make them happen.
  • The Power of the White Knight:The White Knight is a leader who symbolizes deep empathetic and compassionate care for those they lead. This leader has the ability and the drive to see their people as individuals. The white knight sees trees when others can only see a forest.
  • The Power of the Green Knight:The Green Knight is a leader who symbolizes driven by the desire to have purpose and create legacy. The green knight leader has the ability to see the forest when others only see trees.
  • The Power of the Black Knight:the Black Knight is a leader who symbolizes driven by a desire for an ever-deepening self-knowledge and wisdom. The black knight has a rare ability to remain on task without the insatiable pull for approval. Because of this Black knights are the trailblazers. 

As you read through the overview of each knight there’s a good chance that you felt a certain affinity to one as a dominant and maybe even another on had a secondary pull. That being said, it is crucial is that as much as you are pulled to one, you are not just one of them. Leaders have to take their strengths and expand them to integrate all four archetypes.

If a leader fails to integrate all four or does so in a haphazard or isolated manner such a lead can be extremely detrimental and destructive. Potentially destroying companies, tearing apart teams and effectively chasing away an organizations top talent 

So how do heritage leaders become not just worthy, but truly ready to own the worthiness of their position? By embracing the journey from Knight to Monarch in a way that enables them to assess where they are now, where they would ideally like to be and to create the path that will get them there, both in and outside of the family business and legacy.

FIERCELY LOYAL EMPLOYEES… Finding And Keeping Your Talent

The world has changed, and so has everything we know about becoming—and remaining—an effective leader when it comes to retaining employees – especially Millennials. In a 2014 Global research study the number one issue facing CEO’s was that of retaining top talent.

Many leaders today are left scratching their heads in confusion as to why many of their very best people simply pick up and walk away… particularly when they seem to be offering great salaries and upward mobility. As you’ll find out in this presentation what we’ve offered in the past and what motivated people to be fiercely loyal no longer works. 

Successful Leadership today requires not just loyalty but FIERCE loyalty. So why is Fiercely Loyal so important? Because it’s the difference between someone waking up inspirited to work for you, thinking of your company as a place for their future, verses being in a place where they want to use the skills and abilities they got from you to take them away form you and on to ‘something better’. The fiercely loyal employee has a deep sense of connection to your organization because it becomes something bigger than them.  As such they become evangelical about the organization making them a top recruiting resource.  

We are in the biggest workforce demographic change of all time, which means that in the immediate future, corporate winners will be decided by the Millennial generation. Those who fail to attract and retain Millennial talent will lose. It’s as simple as that.

Loyalty has become the single most essential ingredient in every successful organization especially with the average cost of turnover to an organization is between 1.5 – 2X the annual salary of that employee. Therefore, the question becomes: How do you develop the kind of leadership and culture that will have your people become not just loyal but Fiercely loyal?

In this Live Interactive Strategy Session, Dov shares how to develop Fiercely Loyal Employees by focusing on:

  • What Creates Loyalty today?
  • The Characteristics of a Notable Leader
  • Creating a culture the generates fierce loyalty
  • Why Purpose Matters More Than Profit in creating a stronger bottom line
  • The 4 C’s: Cooperation, Collaboration, Contribution, Community.
  • The Power of Story Telling
FIERCELY LOYAL CUSTOMERS… Getting Your Customers To Fall In Love With Your Products. Services And Brand.

Keeping customers loyal has become one of the biggest challenge organizations face today because the values of your customers have changed. The research shows that today’s buyers have far less brand loyalty than the previous generations. Today’s customers, especially Millennials (now approaching 40 at their eldest) want to look good, feel good and do good.

The old rule of business was that a company had to create a professional image. As you will see in this presentation if that is your focus today, when dealing with Millennials you will actually be pushing them away.

Today’s leading businesses understand the number one priority is to create a genuine connection with their customer. This of course is not new, connection has always worked in creating customer loyalty. However, the major difference is the Millennial consumer, doesn’t simply want it they demand it!

Today’s customers are no longer willing to simply buy from you; you have to get them to buy into you. They want to do business with transparent organizations that are purpose driven.

64 percent of consumers point to shared values as their main reason for working with a brand, and 90 percent expect companies to operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues. 64 percent of consumers say they purchase socially responsible products whenever possible.

The companies that are not purpose driven, transparent and socially responsible are already experiencing their customer’s dropping them like a bad date. 

The cutting edge companies who will dominate have a simple yet profound burning question on their minds: What has to happen in order for us to have our customers fall in love with us?

So how do you create a deep connection with your customers and have them fall in love with and become Fiercely Loyal to your organization?  

In this Live Strategy Session, Dov shares how to develop Fiercely Loyal Customers by focusing on:

  • Find out why your organization has been unable to build the authentic leadership needed to create a fiercely loyal customer base.
  • You will have a direct experience how your business can stand the test of time in the disruptive customer dominant environment.
  • Discover why knowing how to share your organizations story is the magnet that will pull your ideal client to you.
  • Uncover the specific strategies and brain science to have your customers think of your brand with love
  • Solve the mystery of why your customer base are already eyeing up your competition.
  • Discover why “Community” is killing retail outlets, and what you can do to have your customers see you as a centre of a community they deeply desire to be part of.

If you are in a business that recognizes how people buy has dramatically changed, and you want to make sure that you are at the leading edge of having them not only buy from you, but into you and your organization make sure you bring Dov Baron in right away.

FULL MONTY (AUTHENTIC) LEADERSHIP… How Authenticity Increases Loyalty. Productivity And Profit.

The new generation of high performing leaders understand the value and importance of business and success being people-driven.  Not only are they using the latest technologies and strategies to disrupt their industries, they also recognize something old-school leaders never truly grasped: Soft skills (like Emotional Intelligence and being Purpose Driven) have the greatest impact on your bottom-line.

In this interactive presentation Dov walks each of the participants through developing leaders who can lead themselves, their teams, and whole organizations more effectively… Because You Can’t Outsource Authenticity!

We all know the Hans Christian Anderson story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Tailors manipulate an Emperor’s grand sense of self to have him believe he’s wearing the finest fabric ever made. Rather than admit that he can’t see the fabric he denies the truth. Furthermore, when he goes out in a parade with his “new cloths” everyone goes along with the hoax because they too don’t want to look foolish or challenge the powers that be. The hoax is only revealed when a little boy who only knows how to tell the truth gives others the power to do the same.

What this means for your business is this when your leader (like the boy in the story) stands up and reveals the truth s/he empowers others to do the same. The leader becomes “one of us” and we (human beings) are driven to bond with those who speak a truth we have feared to speak. Think Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Full Monty leadership is about removing the masks of who we appear to be and revealing who we really are to ourselves and to our people. This in turn removes the barriers the block loyalty, productivity, engagement and ultimately profit.

Make sure that you catch this presentation to find out:

  • How companies with leaders who embrace vulnerability outperform competitors with bigger and better resources
  • How vulnerability truly has the power to Generates Fierce Loyalty
  • How the current and prevalent leadership style maybe plaguing your company and negativity impacting your bottom line.
  • Three sentences guaranteed to generate fierce loyalty
  • How to make sure your top-tier talent doesn’t go to your competitor
  • Why being a Full Monty Leader automatically generates leaders inside your organization
  • How vulnerability is the ultimate charismatic trait

Dõv Baron’s “Full Monty Leadership” is inspired by such leaders as Richard Branson, the Dali Lama, Martin Luther King Jr, John F. Kennedy, Jack Welch, and Larry Winget.


What‘s Next For The Lead Who Is Ready To Step Away From The Top.

Who we see ourselves as is so often defined by what we do, but what happens when it’s time to step down?
Stepping down from a position of authority and power can feel a lot like a loss of identity.

When the sun goes down on our career, it’s easy to think that our moment, our hour, our day in the sun has passed…It has not!

There comes a time when we all must ask ourselves what is likely the most difficult question we will ever ask ourselves, “Who am I”. This question is particularly challenging when who we had seen ourselves as is no longer apparent.

The critical moment for many of us comes when we have to make the shift from being able to answer that question with ease to suddenly feeling that instant cold sweat of knowing that to say who we ‘were’ is not the truth of who we ‘are’.

Having made your mark in the world and having received the accolades and recognition that goes along with doing so is a pretty wonderful achievement, and an exhilarating feeling. However, when we are no longer in that position it’s easy to feel like we have somehow lost ourselves.

One of the greatest challenges of being a “champion”, whether in sports, business, on the screen, or anywhere else, is that when we no longer stand in the spot light, it’s easy to feel like we have somehow become invisible.

How we see ourselves has a profound effect on how effective we are in the world. Make no mistake, when our identity is no longer as solid as it once was the impact can be devastating to our self esteem, self worth, our finances, and our relationships.

One of the most important things to do is to change the game so that you can still win past your previous career and status, because you are greater than your last achievements. The fact that next-gen leaders can reinvent and change careers as often as every four years is a great example, because our body of knowledge and experience can actually do that with even more ease than them.

In this interactive event Dov Baron will show you… 

  • Why even the most accomplished leader can feel lost at the thought of stepping down
  • Why contrary to what you may have been told; your best is Not behind you but ahead of you
  • How to tap into the full and mostly untouched potential of who you are (beyond your past accolades)
  • How to take the worst thing that happened to you and make it into the springboard that will propel you too new and greater heights
  • Why stepping away is your golden ticket for future success
  • How to discover and leverage these untouched resources so that you can make an even greater impact, become a hero again and create a powerful legacy!


If you are at that stage of life where you are expected to step down, but you know you’re not done…  If you are ready to discover who you ‘are’ beyond the identity of who you ‘were’… If you suspect that your story, your experience could have tremendous value to those coming up, then this is the presentation for you. Because learning how to tell your story from this place will likely be the most powerful and empowering experience of your life, it is your legacy!

Video Introduction

Full Monty Leadership: Bring Dov In Today – Click to Book Now

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Sign Up Today and Receive This Special Report at No Charge (a $47.00 Value) The three sentences you, as a leader, can start using today to have your team hanging on your every word and happily go the extra mile for you and your organization to generate fierce loyalty.